Putting things in order

I think I’m finally going to get my butt in gear and start working on my website again. I do kind of miss blogging, and I hate that I’m letting the site sink into a bit of a hole. Tomorrow I’m going to try to dedicate some of my time to working on a redesign. This current design has been up far too long, and I’m way too bored of it. I’ve got a few ideas sketched out in my head but I’m probably going to stick to the route of simplicity.

I’ve already finished up the redesign for my portfolio (and created a PDF resume), so I’ve got that knocked out of the way. Hopefully I can get the design for atourworst.org done tomorrow, so I can get back to working on a redesign for Holdfire.

Other than that life has been quite peachy. I’m still on the lookout for a full time job, but I’ve managed to tide myself over with some gigs here and there. Things with my boyfriend Armando are going quite well, and I’m happy with that.

Some websites, applications, and anything else that I’ve been into lately:

What applications or websites have you recently found?


  1. My last layout lasted for 2 months before I changed it. I hate getting bored of layouts…making new ones are fun but frustrating at times! Well good luck with making a new design =)

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