Breaking out of the mold

For almost a year I have been relying on premade themes from places like WooThemes and Elegant Themes for my personal site. I just didn’t have the time nor patience to devote development work to my own website. It definitely showed as I just didn’t feel like updating my site.

A few days ago I randomly felt inspired to work on a new theme and I actually stuck with it. I’m known to work on something and get as far as coding out the header and then quitting on the rest of it. I just don’t like working for myself as I start to hate it a few days later. I’m very pleased with myself as I’ve finally gotten a theme done that isn’t just tweaking a premade.

I decided to go more on the CSS3 route with some features (eg: rounded corners) as I am an ass backwards developer. I am still trying to force myself to work in Photoshop to get a PSD going then to code it up. Unfortunately I prefer the code out the framework then shove in colors and images. Truthfully it’s a method that’s worked out okay for me so I suppose that’s why I still stick with it.

Oh I almost forgot! I have finally? switched domain names. I was ridiculously bored and hated I had registered a few other domains along with, but ultimately this was my winner. should now entirely redirect to; There are going to be some errors here and there but I have it set to log and email them to me so I can fix as I see them. The biggest will be images in posts, so I’ll get around to that momentarily. If you spot any problems, let me know. For what it’s worth, this was not designed to support >IE7. Don’t bother checking in there 😉


  1. I like the new name. Very cute. The layout looks amazing.

    I am the same way about designing. I do frame work, css, then images. It works for me. I can’t get in to the PSD design thing.

    I didn’t even start using Photoshop until a few years ago. I was use to working with a program called GIMP, which is the same thing but open source. 😀 Which is always good. Hehe.

    Well, the site is looking good. I think I am going to try to make a breadcrumb.

    As I said before love the name, I just bought a new home for my tumblr blog, and it is lol

  2. Thanks Vixx, Jenn and Aisling!

    And Aisling, I think if someone made a cupcake that was the shape of Darth Pug my head would explode from the sheer awesomeness.

  3. This domain is definitely more you. And the design! OMG is it awesome. The links link goes down to a new line… and it’s blank. 😛

    Did I ever mention that I looove cupcakes? 😛

  4. Thanks Hannah! Should be fixed now; And uhhmm… I forgot about the links page D: Woops. I meant to actually fix it but it was something I completely forgot about, hah.

    And yus, cupcakes > * 😛

    @nadine – Spanks 🙂 I love having a domain name that I actually like versus the other one that I grew out of a couple years ago.

  5. This theme looks fantastic :D! I love it!

    I go about making my own themes the same way you do. I find it easier to come up with images and even color palettes if I at least get the framework setup first.

  6. haha, I do the code then add images-to-blank-looking-page thing 😛

    Nice design, one thing is the navigation linkies at the homepage took me to page 145? Then page 2? But displayed all the same stuff?!

  7. @Nick, weird I see all regular permalinks (about/domain) instead of their page ID numbers.. Wonder if it’s a bug with another plugin I’ve got setup or the way I’m calling the nav… *ponders*

  8. I love this theme. The header and footer are so colorful and pretty, but you keep the content section plain so people can 1) read it, and 2) pay attention to your content. Also, iCupcake is the cutest name ever. I absolutely adore all things cupcake. XD

  9. Oooh, yay! 😀 Grats on the new domain, iCupcake roxxx, I love it! It definitely fits you! Ooh la la at the design, it’s quite stylin’!

  10. You always get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you’re using a theme that you made yourself. I used to rely on premades and commissioned layouts as well. I love this layout! It’s simply, elegant and professional at the same time. So, I think you did a great job!

  11. Yay! I love this new domain that you chose. It fits you so well. 😀

    This layout is AWESOME. I love the colors; cool colors are always awesome. 😛

    When I get around to coding my blogroll into my CMS, I’ll be sure to add this new URL. 😀

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