Trying to be normal

A few weeks ago Steve and I finally started going out versus staying here at my house. I’m able to transfer into a car with ease versus being unable to previously. We haven’t done too much yet as I haven’t wanted to go too crazy. We’ve done the usual like driving around aimlessly, going out to dinner (Oh Chilis how I have missed you!), grocery shopping at Walmart or Target, or running to Tiger Direct to replace a mouse of mine.

I haven’t been too enthused to try going to the movie theaters yet. I already get bitchy enough when people stare at me. Oh boy don’t even get me started on that! I’ve had people literally just stand and stare at me while I’m getting into/out of the wheelchair and car… It’s an awkward feeling but at the same time ridiculously infuriating. Unfortunately not much I can do about ignorant folk but just deal with it for a little while longer.

Aside from the general woes my only issue right now is my financial status (read: broke). I’ve been busting my ass off with trying to land some remote gigs but have just not been able to hook any real good offers. I’m laying myself out there for just about everything but as I should have expected the job market is still bleak. I would just like to be able to have money in my pocket to ensure that I’ve got cushion should I have an emergency I need to fund.

Please 2 be given me j0bz peeps!


  1. I think one advantage to the movie theatre is that it would be dark and people would (hopefully) just watch the movie.

    I hate it when I notice someone staring at someone else. 🙁

    P.S. I love the layout!

  2. Yay for going out to eat more! I love Chili’s! Josh and I love that place so much. It is a shame that people feel the need to stare at you. How rude! I’m sorry that you feel that you are being looked at. That is such an uncomfortable feeling.

    I wanted to thank you for your question about me being vegan! I based my blog entry today on your question since it was such a good one – just wanted you to know!! 🙂

  3. Ick. I hate when people stare. Ugh, so uncomfortable. What the hell? It sounds like you’re slowly getting back into your usual routine before the accident. Congrats! <3

  4. I absolutely hate when people stare at me. Granted I have my lip pierced along with my septum, there’s nothing to stare at. I literally get to the point where I will scream at them asking “what the hell are they looking at”. I always thought it was common courtesy NOT to stare, I mean, I was raised that way. 😛

    Oh, yeah, good luck on the job thing. I’ve been having a hard time myself, and I’ve been applying to jobs that I know I’m well over-qualified for.

  5. Ugh, people can be so stupid & inconsiderate. I absolutely hate to be stared at too — unfortunately, it happens a lot.. especially at work. I’m sorry you have to deal with such stupid people.

    And yay for going out! My husband and I rarely have time to do anything anymore so it’s always so much fun when we get out of the house — even if it is just going to the grocery store. 😛

    Chili’s! My husband and I loooove that place. I always get those yummy egg rolls, can’t remember what they are called but they are so good!

    Good luck on the job thing! It’s tough out there. 😐

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