Adding to the family (Say hello to Dodger!)

The last time I had any pets in my life was when I was living in Louisville, KY for a few years. During that time I had Sadie, a white boxer; Wicket a german sheperd/husky mix; and Molly, a mix puppy.. no clue what her breed was. Anyway, Sadie I had for a few months until I gave her to a friend’s family to take care of; Wicket went to another friend that was looking for the same breed.. Molly was unfortunately given away to my ex’s brother’s girlfriend.. without my permission. I had just moved out of the apartment and he agreed to take care of her for a few weeks while I got settled into my place. Unfortunately he ended up giving Molly away instead seeing as though he was the world’s biggest douchebag.

Since 2006 I haven’t had any kind of pets in my life. It’s just been my obsession with pugs growing larger than life. Pugs on my birthday cards, cards to other people, stuffed animal pugs, pug statues, pug jewelry.. If it has a pug on it you can be assured that I either own it or at one point wanted it. Last year while I was in the hospital, my mom decided to agree that I could get a dog although we didn’t have any time frame in mind. I did agree that it would be after I was able to walk.. November came around and I didn’t really think about a dog. February came by and there was a news story on a puppy mill raid that had a bunch of pugs in there. Unfortunately the animals were not being put up for adoption as the judge ruled against it. May came by and I was HOPING that for my birthday I would be surprised with being able to get a dog. I had an inkling of doubt but I fooled myself as I was given a card that had a little PAWS print with a note saying it was time I get a dog!

I looked through all listings for shelters, rescues and stores for a pug. The closest Pug rescue was in northern Illinois and majority of the Pugs were 7-8 years old, half-blind and would require someone with the finances to take care of their major ailments. Looking at rescues in other states were not an option. The Kentuckiana Pug Rescue required that you lived in the area as they did a home check.. they had a large selection of pugs too! When I was able to find pugs in my area, they were mixed breeds–Pug w/chihuahua, Pug w/German Sheperd, Pug w/ Beagle, Pug w/ Greyhound (this was an UGLY mix).. So I made the decision to hold off on a pug. I know, it was a rather shocking decision to everyone as they all felt I should wait.. But I had discussed that it would be best to get a family dog right now and in a few months if I’m able to find a Pug, then he (or she) will be adopted by myself.

Last night we went to our local PAWS last night after I had stalked their dog listings for days. I had narrowed my choice between two dogs: Carmel, a white/tan sheperd/husky mix, and Dodger, a fawn/tan/red sheperd mix. Going there last night was pretty tough as you’ve got a bunch of other dogs there just looking at you with the saddest eyes you could ever imagine. I wanted to take almost all of them home! Seeing Carmel was a bit of a disappointment. She wasn’t interested in me when I approached her–heck I think she pretty much ignored me! As I walked up to Dodger’s spot, he immediately looked at me and begged to me touched, licked my hand and was overall jovial. I spent a few minutes with all of the other dogs but ultimately said I wanted to meet with Carmel and Dodger.

Dodger was first up to meet with my family and I. He immediately went over to all of us and went nuts with face licking, sniffing us, laying on his back for belly rubs and of course licking every nook and cranny on the floor. We then had Carmel come in but she was just not interested in us at all. She wouldn’t come to us to be petted, didn’t want to be touched and was more interested in standing in front of the door than anything. The only time she did give any attention was when the PAWS volunteer gave us some treats to give to her to try to motivate her attitude a bit more.. But she still wasn’t having any of it. I was a bit discerning as I was really hoping to get along with her. This is essentially what made my decision easy.. Dodger was going to be my final choice. I think what really helped was that when my dad went up to his cage, Dodger got on his hind legs and let my Dad ruffle his scruff. My dad has never appeared to be a Dog whisperer of any sorts, so if Dodger can make the ice in my dad’s pet heart melt, then this was obviously going to be the one!

So without further ado, Dodger is now a part of my family! :D.


You can also check out my Flickr set to see a few more pictures of him. Obviously more to come over the months (and years!)


  1. Aw Dodger is cute, I am shocked you didn't get a pug either! But at least you can, as you said, adopt one of your own in the future 🙂 It seems like Dodger picked you as his family instead of you picking him 😛

    I like the name Dodger as well, I sometimes dislike the names some shelters give the dogs (when it's generic names like 'fluffy') so it appears you are keeping it as his name 🙂 Congrats on the addition to the family!

  2. First of all, wtf your layout is so cute. I have not seen it yet I don't think… I might just not remember. Second, OMG CUTE DOG CUTE CUTE! And yeah, I am rather surprised you held off on a pug! Dodger looks like a lot of fun, though. You're sure to be busy with him! 😀

  3. SQUEAL!!!!!!!! He is simply adorable. You made the right choice in my opinion. If a dog won't pay attention to you then that dog isn't meant for you. I have never picked a dog that wouldn't respond or pay attention to me & I always get shelter dogs whenever possible. Dodger is simply adorable. Welcome to the doggie family. I just know that you will have lots of fun with him.

  4. He's adorable and I'm glad the choice came easy. Dodger knew knew you were coming and his friendliness gained him a loving home away from a shelter. It's touching ^^. I know that a pug will also come into your life eventually.

    P.S. I'm from the south of Chicago too. In time, I hope that we can meet!!!

  5. OMG, Dodger is so adorable! I think you made the right choice! I used to have a dog and he loved giving my family attention. It's best if a dog pays attention to you and your family – it means he's friendly and enjoys pleasing others!

  6. Pugs are adorable! There's a show on TV over here with a woman with two little pugs, every time it's on I want them, haha. But congrats on finding a dog that you liked, he's really cute! I hope everything goes well with Dodger 🙂

  7. aww I've only just discovered your blog today, but your dog is adorable! I'm super sad that my Dad won't let us adopt another after the death of old dog, but still, Dodger is so cute! Hope he has been fitting in well! 🙂

  8. He's very cute and it sounds like he's a very happy dog! 🙂

    I grew up with TONS of pets around the house – at some point we had 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ponies, pigs, chickens, geese, guinea pigs, rabbits… but not that my parents are retiring, they only have one dogs and 6 cats (plus the 2 ponies, still). However, since I moved out 7 years ago, I haven't really had a pet of my own. I never had the room and since I now live in the city (as opposed to in the middle of nowhere), I don't think it would be very good for the pet. I do like dogs a lot but they're a lot of work. If I ever get a pet of my own again, it'll probably be a cat first…

  9. Thats a precious dog. I love the open mouth picture. It shows the lovely pleasant personality quite well. Let me warn you however about pugs, they are impossible to house train and they shed like a long haired dog. I know this because our family has a pug and every piece of furniture has fawn colored hair everywhere. Including inside my dads cellphone. o.o. But keep us posted on the dog, I love to hear about other peoples pets 😀

  10. Aww, that dog is so adorable! I actually just got my first PUG. He is mixed though so they call him a Pugamo. I looked all around for one. Ohh I hope you put some more pics up of your little cutie as he grows bigger.

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