Disappointed with Razer and their Lycosa

Last year I was on the lookout for a new keyboard and having already been using Razer products (Razer Abyssus and a Razer Goliathus), I decided to take a gander at their keyboards.

I went with the Razer Lycosa keyboard. I wanted something with laptop-style keys that would be quieter and of course the backlight was a plus. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t read up on any reviews on this product at all. I just went blind into the purchase as I was already familiar with Razer.

Razer Lycosa

The first few couple of months were fine; I used the keyboard on a daily basis for hours at a time. After awhile though I noticed that the occasional time a key would not respond (eg: the letter ‘g’ would not respond) and unplugging the USB cord would ‘reset’ it. This happened so seldom that I never thought anything of it. However, after awhile it turned into more than just a key here and there. Eventually the touch screen to change light settings (WSAD, all keys lit, off) would randomly stop responding and various keys would be ‘stuck’ despite not having even touched them.

It has gotten to the point where I would unplug the USB cord for my keyboard every few hours. A couple of months ago I finally researched a bit on the product and found various articles that this was a common problem with the Lycosa. Lycosa’s with serials that started at MT0803, MT0802, MT0801, and MT07 were those that were affected however Razer stated that “were limited to a small batch of customers” and since the problem was ‘so small’ no recall was necessary. My Lycosa starts with an MT09 serial number and apparently I should not be affected–but I am!

I finally decided to contact Razer last night as I was tired of putting up with the poor reliability of the Lycosa. I received a reply within a few hours asking for more details on the purchase. And finally around 10PM last night I received a response that they would not offer me an RMA on the Lycosa due to my purchase having only a 90 day warranty on it from November 2009 to January 2010. WHAT?!

The main article I read on the issue was from Tomshardware.comRazer Responds to Lycosa KB Issue

“Frick also mentioned that the problem was small enough that there wasn’t any recall performed, and that customers with affected serial numbers can get their boards replaced free of charge.”

So just because my serial isn’t specifically listed as affected yet those with MT09 keyboards DO have this issue, I’m screwed no matter what. I just think it’s poor that Razer knows of this issue yet has done nothing about it in the three years it’s actually been present. The sad thing is that the MT09’s are obviously affected because looking around online will yield tons of posts about the MT09 being affected just as well. I think that they really should have immediately taken my keyboard for an RMA despite the serial being MT09 and the warranty being up–especially when they’ve even admitted to the problem and stated that they would replace the boards free of charge.

I was really looking forward to continuing on being a loyal Razer customer. I’ve been waiting for the Razer Onza to release and after this issue, I’m not even sure if I want to continue using Razer’s products. Between the issue STILL being present and Razer failing to replace the obviously defective product, I’m already looking at picking up a Logitech Illuminated keyboard and a Xtrac pads for future mouse/surface pads.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard


  1. Since my Lycosa failed almost a year ago with the exact issues you describe (including the tedious customer service debacle), I've been using a Logitech G19, which looks, works and feels as good as the day I unboxed it.

    The Lycosa now sits in my cellar, attached to my old computer that I turn on once or twice a year to backup files. I wonder if Razer even care that's how I'm using their keyboard.

  2. yah that logitech is nice BUT you can have macros or program anything with the keys,thats the whole point of the razer,there TONS of keyboards that light up ! who cares about that feature.

  3. I think you might be mentally handicapped. I will NEVER get a Razer keyboard again for the sole fact that: THEY SUCK ON WINDOWS 7. There are so many issues with that keyboard which is the reason I replaced it.

    If you read my post you’d have seen that my main requirements were: Laptop-style keys that were quiet and back lighting. I don’t give a shit about macros.

    I’ve been using my Logitech Illuminated keyboard for months now and it has been the BEST keyboard I’ve had thus far. So stick your macros up your ass, you Razer fanboy.

  4. I’m also an owner of an MT09 lycosa keyboard which has the same bullshit problems. Razer will never see a dollar from me again. I also bought a lachesis mouse at the same time and it has stopped working completely! Never ever again, I should have stuck with logitech, they’ve never let me down.

  5. First of all why is there no phone number to reach them???

    Second of all, they agreed to a problem with keyboards in 2007 2008, well I can assure you that I have a MT1111 that since the first day i got it I had the exact same problem with the stuck keys and the keyboard that stops working ramdomly and i have to unplug my keyboard.So if u really want to help me, send me an email at popof777@hotmail.com I’m waiting for a response Glen. Thx in advance!!!

  6. I have used Razer products since 1998 when they released the original Boomslang mouse. That original product really set a tone of quality for this company, but since then I feel it has only gone downhill. They retain great ideas and certainly strive to make products that have all the kinds of features that appeal to gamers. However, their build quality has been shoddy since their company reboot in 2004. Perhaps shoddy sounds a bit harsh, but their generally appreciated products come with significant feedback of flaws that tend to occur a while after purchase.

    I bought the Razer Boomslang CE (collectors re-release of the original Boomslang) which ended up with numerous performance issues after just a couple of months light use (LEDs stop working, skipping sensor performance). Since then I have lost most of my respect for Razer. I have considered some for their products, but after doing some research I all too often find articles like this that only solidify my concerns about this company.

    Unfortunately I find this to be the case with most ‘pro-gamer’ brands. They put emphasis on features and looks, then ditch the quality to keep the price low.

  7. I have a later gen Lycosa. It lasted about 3 years before I had to put it in the closet in case I need a spare keyboard.

    For me nearly all the paint on the keys has worn off, especially for WASD. I contacted Razer to see if I could order replacement keys as the rest of the board is relatively functional, nope.

    I am now using a mechanical Mionix Zibal 60 which has had issues of its own. The keys on this one wore off as well, however Mionix sent me replacements free of charge which are properly laser-etched. PLUS they included a massive Goliathus-quality mousepad free. Just awesome support. You will never see this level of support from Razer, they just want their products sold with a large profit margin.

    I would definitely recommend Mionix for anyone in the market for a backlit keyboard, it will last easily twice as long as the Lycosa or Black Widow.

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