ilomilo secretly available in XBLA


If you’re into logic/puzzle games, then you should definitely get into ilomilo, an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game developed by SouthEnd. Want to try it out but don’t see it available in the XBLA Marketplace? That’s because they made a super secret site that will generate a code for you so you can redeem it to gain access to the trial version. And if you enjoy the game enough that you want to buy it then you can do so right from the IloMilo trial itself! The game will run you a very meager 800MSP.

Haven’t heard of ilomilo before? Check out the ilomilo trailer to get a glimpse of the (awesome!) game. The marketplace also has an ilomilo theme you can grab.

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  1. Looks like an adorable game. It reminds me of Toki Tori for the apple macintosh and idevices. Need to make some more of your batches of recipes they always taste so good! Hope this game decides to come to the Idevices, but I don’t know if that is likely or not.

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