It’s back to school for me

I made the decision to finally go back to school (again) after setting aside my grievances with learning material I more than likely already know. I have wanted to earn my Associate (in Applied Science) and then my Bachelor’s degree for quite some time but it just didn’t feel like it is something I really needed to do. I was going to go back for the Fall 2010 term but had some issues with classes I wanted (one was canceled and a replacement wasn’t possible due to scheduling conflicts). So I pushed it back to Spring 2011. Eesh, 2011.. That’s 7 years after graduating high school!

Since I’m pretty much a ‘freshman’ level (I’ve only got about 16 credits from the classes I took back in 2007) a lot of my courses are more rudimentary but I’m sucking it up and taking advantage of what should be an ‘A’ for the class. Ionly took four classes for a total of 12 credits as I didn’t want to go too crazy since it’s been quite some time since having a full school load. I’ve got a Flash CS4 class, Photoshop CS4 class, Adv Web Design and an E-Commerce class. Of the four the only one that will actually be new to me is my flash class. I’ve never enjoyed flash (and the last time I even attempted it was probably 2006) so this will be a nice little addition for me. The photoshop class is definitely going to be something I already have experience with but I decided that I would like to LEARN how to be more efficient with it. I’m ass backwards when it comes to working with it. What I should be able to do in ~10 minutes with various tools within PS, I probably take ~20+ or more since I do it the ‘hard way.’

Adv Web Design and E-commerce are other Major Core requirements for my AAS so I’ll be trying to make the best of it since these are two I am very knowledgeable in. If anything I can take all the pride in being a teacher’s pet or something ;). So here’s to promising myself to not act like a spoiled know-it-all like I did in 2007 when I wrote this: It should be easy for a webdesigner taking rudementary webdesign classes, right?. I’m here to take the class no matter what my skill level is or isn’t so I can get a good grade, finish through 68 semester hours and receive my Associates in Applied Science so I can be that much more bad ass.


  1. I’m glad you’re going back to college and don’t worry about how long it’s taken you to go back or to get it done. I’ve been concerned with that as well since I graduated in ’02 and still don’t have my Bachelors, but everyone moves at their own pace. I’m going to be kicking ass after this semester to get this degree done! I’ve decided when I finally get this degree done and landed a good job I will be having a huge celebration! lol

  2. You guys are really awesome for going back to school and having the discipline to sit down and man things up. I’m taking an online training (sponsored by my work) in PHP, since I never really studied it formally. But it’s such a drag… so far I’ve been using over 90% of it for years…

    Those classes though sound awesome though, well for me who’s a total n00b with Photoshop.

  3. Hello! I stumbled upon your post about Razer products from google; they have let me down with their products. Never was the same since the Copperhead mice..

    Anywho. I just dropped out of one of the best culinary schools in the nation (meaning, lots of $$$), and am going to community college to start being a veterinarian. Don’t feel bad! I know it may not be better/worse.

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